Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


We still don't have an oven or even a sink in our kitchen, so this week's menu plan is based on a microwave and a crockpot with minimal cooking and preparing involved.  It helps a whole lot that I only have to actually prepare three dinners this week.
I am very hopeful I will have an oven and a sink by next weekend (especially since Chad has another snow day on Monday)!

Breakfasts: yogurt with graham crackers, cereal and milk

Snacks: trail mix, pudding

Monday - eat out (Baylor/McCallie wrestling match)
Tuesday - chicken fingers, potatoes, mac n cheese
Wednesday - eat at church
Thursday - lasagna
Friday - crock pot tacos and rice
Saturday - out of town
Sunday - Super Bowl party

OK - I'll update to see what we actually ate this week!

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