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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - Kitchen Floors

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tomorrow the new kitchen cabinets are going in...that means the new hardwood floors must be laid by, well, tonight!  So, today's tackle is finishing putting in the floors.

Here is the before (how the kitchen looked when we bought the house):


Notice the yellow metal cabinets, creamy colored appliances, and the brown vent hood!


Call me crazy (actually, many did!), but I really did entertain the thought of keeping the floor (see below), painting the walls a pretty cream color, putting in new cabinets and stainless appliances and green accent pieces.  A modern take on the retro kitchen?  Not to worry, Chad painted part of the floor the first week we were in the house (I'm sure it was an accident!), so back to the original plan of gutting the kitchen, and most importantly, putting in hardwoods!

Here is a closeup of the old floor:


Here is the beautiful new floor being put in:


And, finally, here is the room ready for cabinets bright and early in the morning!


Here are pics of the cabinets in place (no countertops or painted walls yet, but we're on the way!).  They are alder wood with cinnamon stain.




Monday, December 28, 2009

101 in 1001

I read about this on Ashley's blog, and thought it was a great way to start things out - the beginning of my blog, and the beginning of 2010. The premise is a list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). A few of these have been left blank so I can fill in over the next month as I have time to really think about what I want on this list. Also, a few of these are borrowed from the original list (good ideas!).

For Me
1. Make once-a-month trips by myself to coffee shops to read/relax (1/33 - Jan)
2. Start and keep a binder with future vacation plans.
3. Buy two nice outfits with accessories (0/2)
4. Attend Hodgepodge and buy something (0/3)
5. Get dressed up nicely at least twice a week (0/266)
6. Attend the summer art festival in Gatlinburg (0/3)
7. Read at least 4 books for pleasure each year (0/12)
8. Visit friends in California
9. Buy a new lens for my camera.
10. Get a pedicure and manicure at least twice a year (0/6)
11. Frame pictures for the house (0/20)
12. Have a night out with friends at least once a month (1/33 - Jan)
13. Complete the C25K program.
14. Finish this list by January 30, 2010 with only 2 blank items left to fill in - OK, I have 9 blank ones as of 1/31/10, but I really think I don't want to rush these last ones and leave room to add things...
15. Join the XO alumnae chapter, and attend at least 3 events each year (0/9)
16. Look into joining the Jr. League.
17. Create a paperless kitchen.
18. Attend Mama Mia in Atlanta

For My Mind
21. Read 3 historical biographies/nonfiction books (0/3)
22. Visit Washington DC.
23. Visit Williamsburg, VA.
24. Develop photography skills.
25. Attend the Women's Conference
26. Learn to jump start a car.
27. Make voting a priority.

For My Family
31. Have weekly dinners with my extended family (2/143 - Jan 10)
32. Make an advent calendar
33. Take a family vacation with my side of the family (0/3)
34. Take a family vacation with Chad's side of the family (0/3)
35. Go to the Atlanta aquarium.
36. Find at least one ministry to serve in and be actively involved.
37. Decorate for Christmas in November. (0/3)
38. Visit a pumpkin patch in October (0/3)
39. Always have pumpkin butter in my refrigerator while it's in season.
40. Visit relatives in North Carolina (0/3)
41. Eat out no more than twice per week (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
42. Update/get us all passports.
43. Take a family picture at least once a quarter (0/11)
44. Monogram our Christmas stockings by November 15, 2010.
45. Create and use a zero-based budget.
46. Change our address on all bills and other mail/accounts.

For My Marriage
49. Date night twice a month. (1/66)
50. Take a trip without Finley just for fun.
51. Plan an overseas trip for 2012
52. Attend Wine Over Water
53. Try a new recipe at least once a month.
54. Spend a weekend at the cabin.
55. Go to a movie that Chad picks.
56. Frame our wedding pictures.
57. Spend uninterrupted quality time together each day.
58. Go to a concert with Chad once a year (0/3)

For My Health
60. Work out at least 3 times per week.
61. Drink at least 3 glasses of water daily.
62. Take thyroid medicine and vitamin daily.
63. Run a 5k at least once a year (0/3)
64. Make a new meal at least once every two weeks.

For My Wallet
66. Utilize coupons.
67. Plan meal menus every week.
68. Have at least one garage sale.
69. Find 5 free/unique things to do in Chattanooga and attend/see them. (0/5)
70. Add to our savings account each month (0/33)

For My Blog
71. Find 10 new interesting blogs to follow. (0/10)
72. Post something at least once a week with pictures. (4/133)
73. Participate in one blog activity each week (4/133)

For Others
74. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru on 4 occasions. (0/4)
75. Host something in my home at least twice. (0/2)
76. Sponsor an Angel Tree child at Christmas (0/2)
77. Go through house/closet twice a year. (0/6)
78. Buy three gifts from Etsy (0/3)
79. Give Finley's teachers gifts at the end of the school year (0/3)
80. Donate to at least two charities each month (2/66 - Janx2).
81. Go to the Chattanooga Market once a month and buy something (0/33)
82. Sponsor a compassion child.

For Our Home
83. Put up curtains and closet doors in bedroom.
84. Finish Finley's shelves and curtains.
85. Buy new sofa.
86. Decorate guest bathroom.
87. Put in countertops.
88. Buy eight accessories/items for the house that make me happy (1/8).
89. Help Chad make art for the walls (0/5)
90. Clean floors once a week.
91. Make an antique window into a photo frame.
92. Plant flowers in bed out front (0/6)

For My Child
93. Take Finley to the library once a month (1/33-Jan)
94. Buy a personalized dinner plate.
95. Create an updated scrapbook.
96. Create a savings account and deposit something into it each month (1/33-Jan)
97. Spend uninterrupted quality time together every day.
98. Give Finley at least one "forever gift" for her birthday and Christmas (0/6)
99. Create and implement a chore chart.
100. Give Finley vitamins everyday.

101. To Be Determined!!!

Begin Date: January 1, 2010
End Date: September 30, 2012

Crossed out = done!
Italics = in progress
Normal = not started
Crossed out in red = FAIL!